• Intersolar Europe 2022 – Preview
    av justin på 2022-05-04 kl. 09:54

    We’re looking forward to meeting you face-to-face at Intersolar Europe! It’s the world’s largest exhibition of Solar Energy, and takes place on May 11th, 12th or 13th at Messe München. Best known for our Inverter/Chargers and Solar Charge Controllers – we’re always adding exciting new devices to our range of products for private energy installations The post Intersolar Europe 2022 – Preview appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Van life E-Bike adventurers
    av justin på 2022-04-29 kl. 06:35

    Commercial photographer Radu Tudoroiu and his girlfriend Ana Stoica – who is a textile specialist – tell us about their van life. “We’ve had our fair share of campfire stories. It’s part of life when you decide tarmac and hotels aren’t really your thing for the most part. Whether you’re detained in a war zone, burn your clutch The post Van life E-Bike adventurers appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Amazon community’s green energy
    av justin på 2022-04-22 kl. 06:47

    The community of Vila Limeira has become the first village in Amazonia to benefit from 100% solar mini-grid power provision. They can scarcely believe what has been achieved! Formerly the community ran a diesel generator which provided electricity to the school, church and homes only between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. Even then the The post Amazon community’s green energy appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Dutch Sailors snatch Spanish Gold
    av justin på 2022-04-12 kl. 05:58

    Imagine competing against the best 56 boats in the world and finishing nine of the first twelve races in the top four. Something must be right! First of all let me tell you the result – then about the amazing background to the story. Dutch sailing duo Odile van Aanholt and Annette Duetz have just won The post Dutch Sailors snatch Spanish Gold appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Speedway competitors tour in style
    av justin på 2022-04-08 kl. 06:45

    Top level motor sports competitors such as double World Champion Polish Speedway rider Bartek Zmarzlik; and triple World Champion Danish Speedway rider Nicki Pedersen travel in style with a mobile home, and on-the-road workshop, of course! Their stylish touring homes are Mercedes Sprinters imaginatively converted by Tapsam Designs Jacek Świerz. Electrical design and installation of the tailer-made power The post Speedway competitors tour in style appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Solar Power regulates a Hydroelectric generator.
    av justin på 2022-04-01 kl. 07:22

    A 400kW hydroelectric plant near the Slovenian/Italian border had been running inefficiently for years until a third year electrical student decided to put it right as part of his coursework. The problem was that the signalling apparatus designed to monitor the depth of the headwaters, two kilometres distant from the generator, had long since stopped The post Solar Power regulates a Hydroelectric generator. appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Summer Hobbies / Winter Storage
    av justin på 2022-03-25 kl. 09:39

    Summer cabins; Boats, Vans, Motorhomes and Classic vehicle enthusiasts – twice a year, around the solar equinox, it’s time for half the world to take the wraps off their hobbies, and the other half to put them back on. How do you ensure that from the moment the winter cover goes on to the moment The post Summer Hobbies / Winter Storage appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Chicken Farming with Solar Energy
    av justin på 2022-03-18 kl. 09:23

    A Spanish Farmer – Casa Nilo SL – has invested 4 million euros establishing the largest privately-owned chicken barn in the Catalonian province of Lleida. Situated in Arbeca, 40,000 breeding birds, and 4,000 roosters are free to roam the floor of a temperature controlled rearing shed, powered by solar energy. The chickens are raised in The post Chicken Farming with Solar Energy appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Solar Energy Ice Plant
    av justin på 2022-03-11 kl. 09:03

    One of the greatest challenges to installing a US$110,000 solar power system at Government-owned Ice Plant on a remote Island, in the Fiji Archipelago, was transport. During the final stage of the journey all the component parts were waded through water and loaded into an open boat. These logistics were carried out by the system The post Solar Energy Ice Plant appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Training Tour’s Finale
    av justin på 2022-03-03 kl. 07:52

    On Friday 25th February – the great North American Training Tour hosted its final guests. From Florida to British Columbia – between July and February – 14 team members delivered 68 days of training and 34 days of events to 2000 people. Members of Victron staff, and Victron-product Ambassadors would like to say a huge The post Training Tour’s Finale appeared first on Victron Energy.