• Christmas Quiz 2023 – has begun!
    av justin på 2023-12-01 kl. 12:46

    To enter go to Victron Professional, log in and click on the ‘Christmas Quiz’ tab at the top of the page. You can learn all about the quiz in yesterday’s blogpost. Hint: Setting a daily reminder to take part will help you climb the ladder! Good luck! The post Christmas Quiz 2023 – has begun! appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Get your skates on!
    av justin på 2023-11-30 kl. 13:23

    It’s December 1st tomorrow which can only mean ONE thing: …the first day of the Victron Energy Christmas quiz! This year we’ve got five amazing prizes – check them out! Five Fabulous Prizes First of all – the most desirable tool for the professional electronics installer: it’s an electric crimper capable of securing lugs and The post Get your skates on! appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Snake charmers
    av justin på 2023-11-22 kl. 10:15

    Twenty years ago, in the Everglades at night, Brandon Rahe used to see dozens of opossums, raccoons, and marsh rabbits. But an explosion in the population of invasive snake species – most notably the Burmese Python – has resulted in significant ecological damage to the fauna of Florida. Today, you’re lucky if you even see The post Snake charmers appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • METSTRADE 2023 – Will you be there?
    av justin på 2023-11-10 kl. 10:27

    The biggest marine equipment trade show METSTRADE opens from 15 until 17 November, in Amsterdam. We’ll be there, will you? Come and visit us on stand number 01.541 During the past 48 years of innovation Victron Energy have become best known for making the largest range of solar charge controllers in the world and a The post METSTRADE 2023 – Will you be there? appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Speed skaters get fast results
    av justin på 2023-11-08 kl. 12:37

    Ice Skating is the winter National Sport of the Netherlands. Ice skating club ‘Gewest Fryslân’ use two rinks – Thialf and Elfstedenhal – where they run a successful training programme which finds and nurtures talent, and is constantly elevating skaters to the world stage. Fast and furious skating events cover distances of 500m, 1000m, 1500m The post Speed skaters get fast results appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Is this our remotest installation?
    av justin på 2023-11-03 kl. 07:46

    The frontier army in Brazil are embedded in the jungle to control the border against drug trafficking. From their virtually-inaccessible base camps it’s important that the communication and surveillance technology they use runs as reliably as systems along a city street …but in truth that just wasn’t happening. The time had come to rip out The post Is this our remotest installation? appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Training Poland’s installers
    av justin på 2023-10-27 kl. 07:11

    Polish authorized distributor of Victron Energy SunTrack decided a few years ago that the secret of success will be to provide as much product knowledge as their installers wish to consume. In-depth, easily-accessible information helps engineers – and end-users – to understand and fully optimise battery-based power installations which will exceed expectation. On SunTrack’s website The post Training Poland’s installers appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Dive the world
    av justin på 2023-10-20 kl. 06:35

    In July, Leonora and Sissel set off from Copenhagen, Denmark, on an open-ended circumnavigation during which they plan to dive the world’s oceans and hope to raise awareness of the sometimes fragile eco-systems they discover. Taking guests along the way, the intention is to be independent from the shore for extended periods. Consequently they have The post Dive the world appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Clinic Switches to Maximum Power
    av justin på 2023-10-13 kl. 08:11

    The Zunino Institute’s cancer treatment medical facility in Córdoba, Argentina has recently solved their grid-electricity supply crisis by installing a large, ultra-reliable private power supply. The battery-based energy system offers 180kVA – the maximum available from parallel-connected Victron Energy Quattros installed in a single system. The problem the clinic had been experiencing was that their The post Clinic Switches to Maximum Power appeared first on Victron Energy.

  • Who is Carlos Quinones?
    av justin på 2023-10-06 kl. 07:58

    This is a very good time to get to know Carlos a bit better – October 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of Carlos’ employment at Victron Energy! Congratulations Carlos! Living and working in Spain – Carlos has provided us with an introduction to him and his family in both Spanish and in English. First, let’s The post Who is Carlos Quinones? appeared first on Victron Energy.